David Court Remainders
Artist's Rendering (Distressed, Relaxed), 2017
Self-Titled (Materials for a 21st Century Room—or SWAMPED, EXHAUSTED, HESITATING)
Self-Titled (w/ Aryen Hoesktra & Shane Krepakevich)
Double Visions
Almost Everything

Toxicity and Intoxication: Catherine Telford-Keogh and Katie Bethune-Leamen at the University of Waterloo Art Gallery @ Peripheral Review

Remainders, 2018 (open print run)

Beware: whoever pretends to be a ghost will eventually turn into one
by Vincent Bonin

(Photos: Justin Wonnacott)

List of Works

(Photos: Yuula Benivolski)


Self-Titled, 2018 (open print run)


a marvel of tenderness—I hope this is clear. I’ve … little interest to see what it is, grief or science. you can almost think of it as an unintelligible chamber opera in four acts: purchasing, incorporating, connecting, resonating. I can’t help but feel something is missing from that, though and I’m working that out, but that’s OK, because I want a sense of the unclear and unresolved—if a coup came down and everything before the coup disappeared, something like this. we have to set out the apple SpringCushion® molded fiber trays, water the lawn, move downstairs, and these are lines, not like brushstrokes really (avoid lakes) toward a hypothetical. but by the end, because the trays are made of purple fiber (in the grapefruit trays, the honeycomb and shipping malformations are eliminated), it’s only a matter of time before

[excerpt from a text within the exhibition]

“While much discussion of self-reflexive works consider the many ways in which a work can reflect on its surroundings, what seems to be less regarded is the way that the work’s context is in turn reproduced.”

(Photos: Guy L’Heureux)

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Apparatus for a utopian image 2.0
Foundation and center contemporary arts prague

Artist’s Rendering (Remainders)

YYZ artist’s outlet

Artist’s Rendering (Distressed, Relaxed)

You can tell that i’m alive and well because I weep continuously
The Knockdown Center
David Court, Erin Diebboll, David Horvitz, Anouk Kruithof, Amanda Turner Pohan, Steven Zultanski

Apparatus for a Utopian Image
Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Project Space
Matěj Al-Ali, Keren Bebenisty, Tyler Coburn, David Court, Sean Fader, Kara Hearn, Zebadiah Keneally, Barbora Kleinhamplová, Alena Kotzmannová, Václav Magid, Tomáš Moravec, Freya Powell, Markéta Othová, Elisabeth Smolarz, Magda Stanová, Tomáš Svoboda, Dannielle Tegeder, Jiří Thýn

Self-Titled (Materials for a 21st Century Room—or SWAMPED, EXHAUSTED, HESITATING)

Self-Titled (w/ Aryen Hoesktra & Shane Krepakevich)
Modern Fuel

An Earthquake at the Race Tracks
Museo de la Cuidad, Santiago de Querétaro

Rosa Aiello, David Court, Craig Fahner & Steve Gurysh, Nadine Fecht, Nina Maria Küchler, Tobias Madison, Fabian Marti, Lukas Marxt, Aleksandra Mir, Janek Simon, Julia Weißenberg

Double Visions
Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Project Space
Andrew Beccone, Louise Barry, Fay Chiang, David Court, David Rios Ferreira, Kristyna & Marek Milde

From Line to Constellation
Granoff Center, Brown University
Resident Artists: David Court, Sophia Le Fraga, Kristen Mueller, Benjamin Shaykin

Maximum Sideline: Postscript
Francesca Capone, David Court, Anna-Sophie Berger, Sophia Le Fraga, Alex Turgeon, Jesse Hlebo, Ian Hatcher, Clement Valla


Grateful acknowledgment for the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.